Junior Cricket – “Bulldog Academy” & Western Spirit

Junior Development Work planned for 2013

Footscray-Edgewater expanded its Junior Development Programs to support and underpin the Cricket Victoria “Pathways/State Championships” program during the Winter time in 2013.

This will take place via both an increase in personnel devoted to the key area of talent identification and then talent support through additional pre-season coaching.

The objective of this expansion is to accelerate the development of our younger players, so to provide them the foundation they need to be considered for selection into the Victorian Team and then the Australian Team.

The expanded “Junior Development Program” will have the following features:

  • Assignment of a person within the Club’s Organisation to coordinate all activities related to identification and recruitment of talented young players (through Western Spirit, local competitions, current FECC youth, etc).
  • Delivery of additional coaching programs to the identified players through the winter-time – such as:
    • Eight Sessions for players identified who may or may not have been part of the Footscray-Edgewater CC playing list as of the previous season but have been identified as potential future players for the club, as well as likely players for the coming season’s “Western Spirit” campaign.
      • All sessions and activities will focus particularly on skill development of the players in their disciplines – batting, bowling, fielding, wicket-keeping.
      • It is anticipated that six sessions will be at local indoor training centres, and two sessions will be on the FECC practice wickets – including turf wickets.

All of the activities here will have/had the following resources provided to players:

  • Coaching from the Footscray-Edgewater CC Senior Coaching Staff, as well as other well-renowned coaches from the surrounding areas to Footscray-Edgewater CC.
  • Footscray-Edgewater CC Uniform provided to all players – Shirt & Cap.
  • Use of Footscray-Edgewater facilities – in particular use of turf wickets and associated curating.
  • Hire of other Local Training Facilities (indoor cricket centres, etc).
  • Purchase of training balls and other training apparatus as required.